Sunday Supper

Breaking bread,
connecting people

These are difficult times. We look around and see conflict. Rancor. Catastrophes both natural and man-made.

But there’s healing to be had. Because when people come together, at one table, to break bread, give thanks and help neighbors in need, something wondrous happens: unity begins.



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To enable communities to join together, build trust, give thanks and support one another.

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For every community in America to host The Sunday Supper.

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Unity  |  Charity  |  Love  |  Service


our history

The situation that spawned the movement


In early October 2016, one of North Carolina’s most destructive hurricanes tore into the eastern part of the state, causing catastrophic flooding and over $1.5 billion in devastation.

At the same time, our country and our state were thrust into an acrimonious election cycle, causing rifts among friends, families, churches and businesses.

We wanted to do something to help both situations. We found a way by creating The Sunday Supper.

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Less than 30 days later, under a 50-foot American flag hung from a city fire truck, 1,000 people joined hands around the largest communal dining table North Carolina had ever set. They put their differences aside to break bread together in support of their stricken neighbors to the east.


The Sunday Supper raised more than $189,000 for disaster relief and earned universal praise. Over 300 volunteers made this memorable event possible by organizing, fundraising, hosting and donating goods and services.


Host your own

LET US help you prepare YOUR sunday supper


Whether your area has experienced a sudden crisis, is weathering a natural disaster or simply wants greater accord, The Sunday Supper can be a significant fundraising event to help those in need or a touching way to heal and unite your community.

Or, as in our case, both.

Wanting to do all we can to see the remarkable success of The Sunday Supper spread to communities across the country, we’ve created a toolkit that we’re all too happy to share. It will equip you with everything you need in order to plan and implement the event in your area.

And having cut our teeth on our own supper, we know you might want some counsel and support along the way — and we’re happy to share that, too.

These are our gifts to you. Because together, we can find common ground.  



Let us hear from you

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What began as something I didn’t have time for, became an experience I’ll never forget.
— volunteer

Board of Directors


Seated: Brigid Washington, Jesma Reynolds, Willa Kane (Chair), Courtney Crowder (Vice-Chair), Joyce Kohn (Co-Executive Director)

Standing: John Yates, Matthew Van Horn, McGavock Edwards (Secretary), Harris Vaughan (Co-Executive Director), Michael Becker (Treasurer), Greyson Kane Sidebotham, Jimbo Perry, Kevin FitzGerald, Brian Etheridge, Ann Whitehurst

Not Pictured: Jimmy Broughton 



A Movement

A movement is starting.

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What began in Raleigh, NC has spread to other communities. And, we hope this simple gesture -- coming together around a supper table -- will continue to bring relief and unity across the nation.