Making An Impact

In the Fall of 2018, citizens from Raleigh, North Carolina and beyond graciously and generously responded to a call to help neighbors to the East recover from yet another devastating hurricane. Their response? More than $400,000 in donations to help local restaurants, small farmers and fishermen in FEMA-designated disaster areas get their livelihoods back together again.

Since January of this year, a small committee of volunteers appointed by The Sunday Supper Board of Directors has been actively soliciting and evaluating grant applications from qualifying businesses. The grants committee, led by Frank Hill, includes The Sunday Supper Board chair Willa Kane, “Come Together for the Coast” culinary team chairs Jake Wood and Scott Crawford, NC Restaurant & Lodging Association COO Alyssa Barkley and The Sunday Supper Co-Executive Directors Joyce Kohn and Harris Vaughan.

 We’re proud to report that we have granted over $170,000 in direct contributions to 13 different businesses and the families who depend on them. These businesses are small operations in Eastern North Carolina that harvest the fresh produce, local catches, and oysters so many of us in the Triangle enjoy. We’ve even helped two local mainstay restaurants reopen.

What we’ve found in our work is that in storm recovery, an inordinate amount of attention is paid to short-term relief and home repair with very little funds, resources or assistance available to help small businesses recover. In each of our cases, our grants were able to help bridge gaps in promising comeback opportunities, businesses that contribute to the local economy they operate within and in some cases, beyond. 

Over the next few weeks, we will report on our individual grantees and their comeback stories, offering a first-hand look into the transformational work the generosity of our efforts is providing. 

In the meantime, we hope you will spread the word to anyone you may know directly or indirectly who still needs to help fully recover their business operation. Simply share the grant application found here and encourage anyone who may qualify to submit.

Until next time, we remain together at one table.

Sunday Supper